Types of cats

There are currently more than 100 cat breeds and types in the world. (Below, we highlight them graphically. You can access full information. Learn all about them!

All types of cats

We have listed the most well-known breeds of cat below. You can click on any image to expand the information, or if you are interested in one of them.

norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the oldest cat species. Let’s learn more about this amazing cat, including its care, curiosity, and character. You are welcome to join us. You can learn more about it here Norwegian Forest Cat

Siberian cat

Under his intimidating appearance, the Siberian cat hides an affectionate and close relationship. You can get to know her more by joining us on our journey to her origins. We will show you a mysterious cat with a curious and curious personality. Find out more >> Siberian cat

Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese Catis a cross-breed: Siamese cat, Burmese cat… learn more >> Tonkinese Cat

Russian cat

Due to its unique character and beautiful appearance, the Russian blue cat is one the most beloved cat species. Independent cats are easy to take care of, but they can hide all the information you need. Let’s talk about their history, character, health, as well as photos. You can find out more here Russian cat

British short-haired cat

The British Shorthair cat was bred in England in late 19th-century. It is one of the most popular and oldest breeds of cats in the country. Are you interested in learning more about British Shorthair cats You can find out more about British Shorthair cats by reading this article. You can find out more here British shorthair cat

savanna cat

The Savannah cat is a lovely breed of cat. They have a wild appearance and a domestic cat temperament. Their wild and majestic appearance has attracted attention over the past decade. We are going to be covering the Savannah cat‘s history, care, and health. You can learn more about it here the Savannah cat

Nibelung cat

While the Nibelung cat is not well-known, the Russian Blue cat is.

Birman cat

Birman cats are a beautiful breed. They are a copy of Siamese cats, with long fur, and mostly, the presence of white tips on their legs.

We are now faced with a special cat. He is curious and intelligent. Let’s learn more about him. You can learn more about him here Birman cat

Oriental cat

Although the Oriental cat is not well-known, it can be easily recognized by the naked eye as having different characteristics than other cats. The Oriental long-haired or short-haired cat is unique because of her beautiful, long, and elegant face.

They hide many other things. We will share them with you while we show you the amazing diversity this breed has to offer. You can learn more about it here Oriental Cat

Turkish Angora cat

The Turkish Angora is a social and affectionate cat. The Turkish Angora cat is a charming, intelligent and affectionate cat. You can read more about it here Turkish Angora cat

American curly-ear cat

It is an American curly-eared cat .

Munchkin cat

The Munchkin is a medium or small-sized cat that has short legs but a large torso. They are cats, meaning they don’t grow. However, this is incorrect. You can learn more about them here Munchkin cat.

Burmese cat

The Burmese cat is a rare breed. This is how it grew from its distant beginnings to spread across the globe.

Scottish Fold-eared cat

The Scottish Fold Cat is a small cat that has been immortalized on the Internet. It has also been referred to as the pet of famous singers. Thank you The shape of her small, bent ears Find out more about her here Scottish Fold-Eared Cat

Turkish van cat

The Turkish Van cat their name because they are cats from Lake Van in Turkey. This cat breed’s origin story focuses on Islamic and Jewish religions. You can read more about it here Turkish Van cat

Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon is one of the most anticipated cats since its inception. This is a review of the Maine Coon’s features and most notable oddities. We hope that you enjoy what we have to say. You can find out more here Maine Coon cat

Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is a mix of a leopard and a miniature tiger. However, they are calm and close to you.

Let’s learn more about the Bengal cat, including its origin, characteristics, size, and antics. You can learn more about it here Bengal cat

Pharaonic cat

They have learned to distinguish between rare, beautiful, and unusual cats by their “absence” of hair. Pharaonic CatFascination. You can learn more about it here The Pharaonic Cat

Siamese Cat

A Siamese cat is instantly recognized by everyone. It is a cat with elegant fur, a distinctive color scheme, and blue eyes. However, its history dates back at least 500 years to Asia.

We will be sharing some of the peculiarities, characteristics and character of the Siamese cat with you in this article. You can find out more here Siamese cat

Cat Shirazi

This Persian cat is a symbol of distinction and elegance. We break down their peculiarities so you can stay and get to know them. You can find out more here Persian cat

Intruder cat

Exotic cats are a popular pet because of their calm, sociable nature. Let’s learn more about them: Cat Intruder

Himalayan cat

The Himalayan cat has a similar appearance to the Siamese and Persian cats. In fact, it is a cross between these two cat breeds. You can read more about it here Himalayan cat