5 reasons Why do cats bite their owner !

Cats can bite in different circumstances. They can bite you when they are bored or feel threatened. Unexpected stimuli can have a dramatic effect on cats’ behavior. This is dependent on their personalities, education, social contact and how they interact with us. Let’s not forget that cats are domesticated animals, but they still have the natural … Read more

How long can cats breastfeed ?

Cats are part of the animal class of mammals. They are therefore classified as a grouping of vertebrate species whose fetus is provided with a placenta and develops naturally inside the mother. The offspring then receives mother’s milk from the breast right away. This means that kittens need to be fed. But how long? Every species has … Read more

The age of cats in relation to humans

When people ask us about what age catsare in comparison to humans, and we respond with a ‘no’, we often aren’t able to convert this data into an actual cat-human relationship. We all believe that an average year for humans is equal to 7 years for a cat, however recent studies have changed the equivalence due … Read more