Cat names. Affectionate, beautiful and innovative.

Many people find that choosing the right cat name isn’t necessarily an easy decision as they like unique, loving, famous or attractive names. In any case, there is something for all. We have suggested names for all felines as well as some comprehensive lists. Continue to read the article, because you will learn a lot! And … Read more

Japanese cat names and their meanings

What are the reasons to search for Japanese cat names. Japan is a nation where cats are loved. The cat is a staple of its traditional culture and is the top spot with respect to its virtues. From maneki-neko, or the lucky cat to Hello Kitty and curious cat islands or famous cat cafes Japan as well Cats … Read more

Best male cat names and their meanings

In this article we will give you the most popular names for male cats The original gentle, the gorgeous in accordance with their physical attributes and their significance… This is the first men’s cat name list which are frequently voted by Qitati: There’s a good selection there, and you will not leave without obtaining the right title … Read more