Siamese Cat

Siamese cat is something we all instantly recognize. The Siamese cat is distinctively chromatic and has intense blue eyes. However, its origins date back at least 500 years to Asia.

This article will cover characteristics, oddities, and quality of the Siamese cat .

Siamese cat origin

Siamese cats were primarily found in temples and in the homes of the Far East’s high kings, who revered them.

They were considered sacred cats, and they had a connection with the divine. They are the bearers of wisdom, spirit, and knowledge

They were later admired by travelers from all over the world and made their final leap to the West at the end of 19th century. In 1880 they arrived in England and North America.

They are primarily known as Oriental cats. Their shapes and variations have changed over the years and they are now only called Siamese cats.

Although it isn’t known if this style was popular, it is often associated with East Asia and particularly. Siam, the ancient kingdom (present-day Thailand).

Physical characteristics of the Siamese cat


There are two types of Siamese cats. Siamese, Thai, and modern Siamese.

Traditional Siamese cat

The ears of the “traditional Siamese” or Thai cat have broad bases and pointed ends. The body is long and slim like a modern Siamese with a sleek shape.

The Thai Siamese cat is slightly different from the other breeds in that it has a more rounded head and shape, shorter snout and a pointed tail, and no waves. The legs are shorter than the body and the eyes are slightly slanted.

An eastern Siamese or modern cat

The “modern Siamese Cat” is a Siamese cat that shares the same color pattern as the former but has a different form.

Long, sleek body with a muscular stand. Large ears, long muzzle, and thin muzzle make this a more flexible and slender model.

This breed is medium-sized and has an oriental body. It is elegant and stylized, with straight and angular forms, good flexibility, and a strong, sturdy body. This characteristic has been highlighted by breeders over the past decade.

Males are between 3.5 to 5.5 kg and females between 2.5 and 3.0 kg.

white Siamese cat


The most conservative records recognize only blackheads (or seals) as colours. Europeans can accept traditional oriental colors like red, cream, and staples like Siamese. However, they are known as “colored short hair” in North America.

The white Siamese cat has been very popular recently. It is lighter in color and more subtle.

Why are some Siamese cats a nymph ?


Siamese cats can be susceptible to strabismus and are genetically. There are studies that link them to cross-breeding between relatives. This is how Siamese breed, especially in Europe.

Others have suggested that the genetic causes of albinism could be responsible, but regardless, a Siamese cat can still live a normal life.

How long does a Siamese cat live ?

If you have a Siamese cat, you might be interested in a curious fact: Their life expectancy is higher than that of the average cat. This means that they can live 16 to 20 years if they are given good care and nutrition.

Siamese cat traits

All Siamese cats have the same temperament, regardless of their biological differences. They are a bit nervous, but very curious, and demanding with humans. They have an amazing personality.

She doesn’t like being alone and needs company.

Siamese cats are known for their affectionate nature and social personality. They are a quiet, affectionate cat who can form a strong bond with their owners.

Her high-pitched voice is similar to a baby’s cry. This is how she presents herself when she needs your attention and pampering.

Siamese cats are known for being extremely agile. Their strong, muscular bodies are what explains this.

Too much energy can cause them to become hyperactive, so make sure your Siamese cat has some entertainment. To keep them happy, toys and scratching posts are important.

Oddities about the Siamese cat breed


Siamese cats are curious, and it’s hard to believe that they could be hiding something else.

Siamese cat grandchildren


Many of today’s breeds are derived from it through crossbreedings.

Examples of cats that can be attributed to the Siamese cat include the ragdoll and the sacred Burma cat. Its distinctive color pattern, which was evident from its conception, was also passed on to other breeds like the Persian cat or the British Shorthair.

The first drawing of a Siamese cat

Peter Simon Pallas, a successful naturalist and well-known figure in Europe, created the first illustrated Siamese cat illustration in Europe in 1793.

The Crimean nature lover, who painted the Crimea with round shapes, short ears, and dark ends, was partially responsible for the Siamese cat’s current definition. This is due to the many changes in this breed throughout the years.

The origin of the gradient color of their fur


The dark brown color at the ends, or stippling, is due to heat-sensitive Tyrosinase. This causes melanin to activate only in the coldest regions (ears, muzzle, legs , thus increasing pigmentation, and hence darker colour.

Siamese cat health and care

Siamese cats are strong and muscular, making them a healthy breed. They can be susceptible to genetic diseases like aortic valvestenosis. This is a condition that causes a narrowing in the opening of the heart valve.

There are also bronchial issues, such as amyloidosis. We recommend that you take your cat to the vet regularly to ensure her health.

To sharpen their nails, it is essential that they have a brush at home. This will not only benefit him but also protect your curtains and sofas. The Siamese cat is active and curious.

However, cleanliness is important. It is important to have a litter box for your cat.

You should clean your cat’s teeth, eyes and ears. You should feed your cat 3-4 times per day. Make sure you choose a food that is nutritious. We recommend you consult your veterinarian before you make any decisions about the feed.

If you’re lucky enough to own a Siamese cat, you already know it.

If you have any questions, please share your thoughts with us.

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