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Burmese sacred cat, or Birman cat, also known as the Birman cat is a stunning cat breed that is distinct by its resemblance to that of Siamese cat, however with longer fur and, most importantly in the tip of their legs, which are white.

This is particularly crucial in determining if Birman cat breeds are purebred when they have pedigrees.

Beyond these specifics We are also greeted by one of the most unique cats, with a curious beauty. Let’s learn about the cat better.

The origin of the Berman cat

The name given to the Birman cat has a bizarre story that spans centuries.

According to legend according to legend, the Khmer people constructed an altar to worship the goddess Tsun Kian Kes which is the goddess of golden with eyes made of sapphire.

An ordained priest called Munha resided there along together with Sihn the temple cat. The priest was shot dead at night by his cat and Tsun-KyanKse.

The corpse cat was staring at the goddess of gold when suddenly, it’s paws changed white.

His eyes turned blue sapphire and his fur was transformed into an golden color. As did all the cats that resided in the temple.

However, this is an urban legend. The cats that are revered originate from Burma which is which is an Asian country.

First Birman cats came to Europe from 1916 and specifically in France. The breed wouldn’t be acknowledged until 1925.

In the future, it was nearing being extinct after fighting World War II, of which only two males and female were left. Some tried to save the breed.

birman cat shape

Birman cats have a stunning body, and this breed is regarded as to be among the most beautiful cats by numerous critics of cat shows.

and competitions

They’re medium-sized cats with a pointed or round head.

They are strong and have a tall body. Medium tail long hair.

It does have two primary characteristics upon the pedigree of its lineage.

The eyes of their children should be blue, with their hands should be white, similar to the way they wear mittens over their hands. They should weigh Usually Consider medium-sized to large cats, and considering medium to large.

The Birman cat is that is similar to an Siamese cat, and in actual it is thought to originate from an interbreeding between A Siamese cat Angora or Shirazi Another theory of its origin.

They are dark-colored on their ears, noses as well as their leg (with hand whites) With a cream or tiny golden bodies, which refer to Burmese blue cat.

There are also other distinctions in the colors of their furs like sealing point, blue point chocolaty point, pink, cream point, red point along with black turtle points.

The spotted coat or any other shades will not be regarded for its sacredness to Burma and, therefore, it won’t have an ancestral lineage.

It is essential to know that, when Birman kittens come into the world they are white. Their fur color changes as they age and start to show up around the age of 3 months.

characteristics of a birman cat

Are known as Birman cats. Theyhave an amazing personality since they are extremely friendly and affectionate.

They are gentle and easy to manage and they can are able to adjust to different pets and humans with no difficulty.

They may even be able to get along perfectly with dogs. They’re active cats but not excessively. This is why you should be playing with him to allow him to get some exercise to prevent an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is stated that Birmans are great companions for life because they’ll be with you, and will give you lots of love and attention until you are happy with them.

They form loving bonds with their owners. However, they also love visitors to their homes that treats them.

They possess the distinct characteristic of manipulating their pet’s owner through their cute and tender eyes. His eyes are so full of affection that he can receive from his owner what he needs.

cats inquisitive . They love exploring the entire house and are always interested in exploring new things.

The revered cats from Burma are suitable to live in households with children since they’re at ease with kids’ games because of their calm nature.

They’re not aggressive cats, which means you are able to be peaceful while your kitten and your son play.

If you’ve got the intention of adopting a new family member The Birman cat is a great choice not just because of its gentle nature as well as its elegance and beauty its form that defines the breed so well.

Holy Burmese cat health

Birman cats are healthy and in good physical shape In fact, their life span is between 14-16 years and is more than the average.

In general the majority of pedigree cats are susceptible to congenital issues, as to ensure the pureness of the breed in breeding houses, they may cross cats from one family.

These possible congenital modifications could result in diseases like:

  • Cat spongiform degenerationconsists of degenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system in sick cats. It manifests as weakening and uncoordinated movements especially in hind legs.
  • Blood creatinine levels could be a sign of a problem with the kidneys since creatinine needs to be eliminated via urine while the kidneys function optimally.
  • Congenital hypotrichosis isa quite bizarre condition. It is characterized by hair loss in infants and young children. Fortunately, it’s highly unlikely.
  • Thymus Aplasia: a rare and rare disorder of our immune system. This increases the possibility of contracting infection because of an inability to defend.
  • Changes in the CS genecan result in the formation of cataracts in the advancing years.
  • Trichobezoars The cause is hairballs accumulating in the digestive tract. (common in breeds with long hair)

Birman cat care

The type of care we suggest for the Birman cat is the same as all of the guidelines given to the vast majority of long-haired and semi-longhaired breeds and includes:

  • Comb your hair 2-3 times per every week. It is essential to get rid of dead hair through regular brushing of the scalp to prevent the formation of hair bezoars and the build-up of hairballs within the stomach.
  • Be aware of abrupt changes in temperature. Even though Birman cats typically don’t suffer from respiratory illnesses It is recommended to shield them from the elements to ensure that they don’t be ill.
  • Regularly maintained hygiene. It is essential to wash their ears, eyes and their tails regularly. This can help to prevent infections and improve overall health.
  • Clean her teeth. This is recommended that you brush your teeth every day at least to prevent gum disease.
  • Make sure to take care of the diet of your child. It is essential that the food you feed your dog includes the recommended nutritional values.

The final suggestion is to show him plenty of love, affection and attention.

We hope you learnt anything new from this beautiful breed. Leave us your comments if you have an Birman cat in your home.

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