Why are cats not fond of water?

water cats Two words that very few are able to put together in the same sentence.

It’s not a secret that cats aren’t fond of water. However, it’s rare to see cats swimming in water.

We are aware of the importance of water for each living creature, and cats aren’t any different.

Even if there’s conflict between water and cats it is essential that their bodies be functioning properly, and for dirt that is heavy, to be cleaned properly.

Have you ever wondered the reason for this? Why is it difficult to see cats swimming in water? What are the consequences? In the next article we will address these concerns.

 Why do cats hate water?

It’s not true that cats don’t like water, but they experience a certain repulsion towards water due to reasons of the source, and this rejection is not just a matter of preference in cats.

The cats’ origins date all the way to Middle East, where the deserts rule and water is scarce. Water was a rarity in the past and they didn’t bet on it since it was a novel and unfamiliar element. It is typically associated with a cat’s reluctance to take water.

But, as time passed, humans started to make them more domestic and became more enamored of the sea, and not ever limiting themselves in order to be close to them, even when the doubts remained. It is possible to attribute this doubt to the fear of being spooked.


It’s quite a bizarre thing, because , just as water creates fear, it also creates lots of interest for cats, so it’s not surprising to find them focusing on the water. Because of this fascination it’s very likely that they’ll overpower fears.

There are people who are scared to be near lake, there’s cats that really love the water. They enjoy watching it, playing in it, the water, or even bathing in it. Similar to cat speciessuch like the Turkish Angora, the Bengal cat and the pixie bob, Maine coon, and many more.

Cats and animated water

As I mentioned before it is water that, besides putting off cats, can generate lots of interest and more , especially if people notice it’s moving.

They will come to understand that, even if they have a bowl of water in their kitchen, they would rather take a drink from the water that flows from the faucet.

Perhaps, before drinking the water from the bowl, she holds the legs of one in the air in order to shake the bowl around, making the bowl tip and drink straight from the floor.

You may also prefer taking the water from the sink or just drink the rainwater.

It’s not clear the reason the reason for this, but there are theories suggesting that it’s something to do with like standing water. In the course of their natural instincts, cats might prefer drinking fluid water to avoid getting sick.

Perhaps your cat has noticed that this kind of water is warmer than what that you pour within the bowl. Also, drinking from water that is moving is more enjoyable.

How do I make my cat love water ?

It is important to know that there is a method that will make your feline fall in love with water. Of course, you will not achieve it immediately the procedure will take some time since it’s something which must be carried out slowly, and as well it is recommended to start the process while your cat is still young.

We have already mentioned that your cat needs to be used from a young age to being around water, and it will be less afraid in this manner.

You can purchase a small bathtub that you can purchase from pet stores and place it in the tub with a small amount of warm water. Then, you can fill it gradually, but not touching her ears, eyes or head generally.

When you do this, look for the reaction of your loved ones. You might notice that they are getting agitated and worried, if that’s the case take him off some, and then provide him with a warm hug until tension decreases slowly until he is relaxed and adapts to the circumstances.

When you are done with the soak, wrap him up in the towel and then try to remove the moisture from his hair. Also, you can apply a hair dryer with care. After that, you can use the comb to brush it and allow it to air dry.

Perform this every now and then from time to the time (not but later on, and we’ll let you know the reason) especially during summer.

How do they drink water ?

Let me say that understanding the exact way cats drink water isn’t as simple, and we only observe how fast they expand and retract their tongues above the water. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s now possible to know precisely what they do using their tongues while drinking.

Cats make something resembling the shape of a U through bending their tongues forwards. This is how they touch the water. When they do come into contact with water, only then does it pick up quickly, causing water droplets to enter their mouths. This kind of motion repeats until the are full and every repetition happens within a fraction of one second

Why does my cat not drink water ?

Cats may not want drinking water, which could be a concern, as when he’s not drinking enough water and is not drinking enough, he could have an illness like an infection of the urinary tract. If your cat doesn’t drink enough water, it may be dehydrated and cause serious health issues.

The effects of dehydration may cause discomfort in your cat. It is possible to tell if your cat is dehydrated when your cat exhibits any of the signs and symptoms listed below:

  • carelessness
  • Breathing difficulty or rapid
  • rapid heartbeat
  • excessive fatigue
  • Eyes that are hollow
  • Urine that is extremely concentrated
  • She’ll lose the skin’s elasticity

What can you do in this situation? What can the cat owner do when he have a problem drinking enough fluids? There are many ways to assist our pets with this and help them drink the water they require to avoid negative consequences. Here are some suggestions:

It is possible to add water to their meals and feed, particularly animal feed because it’s drier than canned food.

Place water sources around the home, they will attract the attention of the kitten, and they’ll be drawn to them and may even drink.

Put bowls of water all over the place It’s a good idea for a while, and one day she’ll end up drinking the water in one of the bowls.

Give a taste to the water. It is available at specialty pet stores. It is costly, however you can be sure to make your pet love it and drink it quite often.

How long can a cat go without drinking water ?

Like humans cats can go for several days without eating, however cats cannot go longer than 48 hours in a row without water. In fact they can’t even go for 24 hours. It’s not a good thing at all.

How do you know how much water you should drink ?

Cat experts calculate how much water you must consume based on the weight of your cat. It is suggested that your cat drink at minimum 50ml of water a day for each weight it bears which means that when it weighs 2 kilograms, you should consume at least 100ml of water a day.

They also establish an upper limit that is 100 milliliters per day, per kilogram or, when you weigh 2 kilograms, the recommended quantity to drink is 200 milliliters per day. However, it is important to note that this could be different based on the type of routine that your cat is engaged in.

It is also contingent on the temperature in the area. When it’s winter, the requirement to drink will be smaller, but due to this how much water cats drink must not be overlooked.

Whatever the weather the water is necessary. If it’s summer, the requirement for water might increase.

It is essential to ensure you keep your pet well-hydrated and that it is drinking the right amount of water required to be healthy. If it’s not well-hydrated it could begin to experience grave illnesses.

Health problems if the cat does not drink water

If your cat isn’t adequately hydrated, they could develop some illnesses that can be dangerous in a short amount of time if it is not addressed promptly and effectively. Some of the issues they could face are:

  • Kidney issues Kidney stones kidney failure etc. are a common issue, particularly for cats that are more than the age of 10. This is the reason it is advised when a certain age is reached in cats to get them checked to regular exams.
  • Liver issues The diseases like Cholangitis and fatty liver aren’t the direct result of dehydration. However, they definitely accelerate the progression of these illnesses and could lead to the cat’s end up dying.
  • Hormonal issues like hyperthyroidism. It is more frequent in cats of eight years and older. this condition can lead to weight loss in cats and can also have other serious consequences , including heart or kidney issues.
  • It is important to know that cats aren’t getting enough water can lead to health issues, but it could be the result of other factors. If, for instance, you’re not hydrated and you suffer from kidney issues however, you could also be suffering from an illness which causes dehydration, like diarrhea.

Mineral water or tap water ?

We all know that cats love drinking from taps. But what are the risks? It all is dependent upon the purity of water coming from the tap. There are some places where the water that you drink from contains lots of lime or chlorine that could cause harm to a cat’s kidneys.

If the water flowing from the tap isn’t most healthy and safest one for cats to drink The best choice is to buy mineral water. It typically has less chemicals than tap water.

What should a cat not drink ?

Like water, which is important to maintain good health for our pet However, there are drinks that are not advised for cats since they could be extremely dangerous to them. they include:

  • Juices Cats are unable to digest certain fruits in a healthy way and it’s not advised to feed them juices to drink since they may hinder the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Alcoholic drinks:They are very dangerous and impact your nervous system which can cause dizziness, vomiting, confusion , and death.
  • Tea, coffee, or other soft drinks This kind of drink contains stimulants that can influence your cat’s nervous system.
  • Water from a swimming pool It contains high levels of chlorine. This is extremely damaging to the cat’s digestive system as well as the kidneys.

Is it necessary to bathe a cat with water ?

The answer is no, it’s not required you bathe your feline or if it’s due to something like, for instance, if the cat is a bit naughty and is caught playing in a mud puddle or if it’s lost and you have just rescued it, but it was swarming with fleas or is tiny and isn’t able to get rid of it self.

It could be one of the breeds that requires frequent baths because of their type of skin, as for the Sphynx .

Cats themselves are tidy creatures and are committed to their own hygiene for minimum 8 hours every day

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