Best male cat names and their meanings

In this article we will give you the most popular names for male cats The original gentle, the gorgeous in accordance with their physical attributes and their significance…

This is the first men’s cat name list which are frequently voted by Qitati:

There’s a good selection there, and you will not leave without obtaining the right title for the cat, or the new addition to the family.

  • original male cat names : Python, Wifi, Flash, Apollo, Mouse, Oreo, Lightning, Odin, Max, Poker
  • Short male cat names    : Alan, Yael, Otto, Kuno, Max, Ian, Kai, Nic, Roi, Joe, Vito, Iker
  • Male naughty cat names : Orión, Leo, Khan, Rajin, Jade, Tabby, Kin, Elvis, Baboo, Nilo
  • Male cat names : Ninja, Batman, Night, Dark, Shadow, Sauron, Kuro, Morito, Tizón, Salem
  • Male royal cat names : Silver, Bolin, Amaru, Joel, Luke, Naim, Theo, Umi, Dorian, Adel


Here we begin with the most unique and stunning male cat names as well as their meanings, according to the type of cat you have in black, gray, white, yellow-orange or white. …. Find the name you’re searching for

Royal male cat names

We’ll always wish our pets to have a unique name one that stands out because of a variety of reasons, such as because they’re unique or belong to a certain persona.

First on the list will include names of the royal cats.

  • Aldo : The Germanic name means “noble”.
  • Lion  : Like the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia
  • Ciro  : It means “the Great Lord” and is of Persian origin
  • glass / copy : like snowflakes
  • Dante : Comes from the Latin meaning “enduring and resistant”
  • Draco : It means “dragon” in Latin.
  • Eros : It refers to the Greek god of love.
  • Felix : It means “he who considers himself happy or lucky”.
  • Glutton : Perfect if your cat eats a lot.
  • Goku : Like the Dragon Ball character who is famous for his strength and courage.
  • Guido : It means “wooded valley”.
  • Hamlet : It is related to the Icelandic word amlodi, which means “crazy”.
  • Hiroshi : Japanese name meaning “cream”.
  • Ichiro : Japanese name meaning “maiden”.


We are aware that choosing the ideal pet’s name isn’t an easy job at all as when we select names, we want them to be distinctive and beautiful and with no doubt that it perfectly reflects the nature of kittens.

A name that is closely connected to her personality and traits. A perfect name for her.

You must be able to select the right cat, as keep in mind that the cat will be with her all the time and the cat must be able to understand her.

Male cat names

If your male cat is awash with love and you’d like to name him that reflects that quality There are names that will help names that have appealing meanings that will make a mark on anyone’s heart.

  • Spleen: As the god of wine, it’s a very beautiful name.
  • Daiki : Japanese word meaning “glory”
  • Gigil : It indicates the desire to squeeze or squeeze something very cool that you love.
  • Ivo : It is of Germanic origin and means “glorious.”
  • Kenny : It means “treasure”.
  • Laws : The name Galicia means “glorious warrior”
  • Makki : A Korean word that literally means “very small” meaning very cool
  • Small : It means “little” in Italian, so what better name for your cat than this?
  • Rowed : It comes from my mind and refers to something messy and precious at the same time
  • King : The meaning of roy is “his great glory”.

Names whose mere sound will create “Aww” pass through your head. And for the sake of others We leave you with a few diverse male cats’ names.

Names for male leopard cats

Tabby cats have the unique characteristic that they wear coats that have different colors that are in the form of spots or stripes, which offer a hint of tiger maybe when we first see this kind of cat, we can spot it and think “Wow, it is a miniature tiger.”

  • Chester: It is of Latin origin and means “place of strength”.
  • Dante : From the Latin meaning “one who endures” or “one who resists”.
  • Khan : The origin is Turkish and means “prince”.
  • Leo : The lion symbolizes the strength of this animal.
  • Orion : The nickname represents the star belt found in the galaxy.
  • Otto : It means “the owner of wealth”.
  • figure : It comes from Hindu Sanskrit and means “king”.
  • Tiger : It represents the core of its relative, the tiger.
  • Olaf : Of Germanic origin, the etymological meaning of this name is German and means: “glorious”.

Perhaps it’s your cat. If your cat is sporting an exquisite coat and you’re looking for an appropriate name for it, here are a few names.

Orange male cat names

There are male cats that have orange-yellow fur. There are numerous kinds of catsthat have this color naturally, they come in a variety of shades. Some have a very blond appearance, while there are breeds that have shades that are almost orange.

  • Who :It means autumn in Japanese.
  • A lot : Masculine which means brilliant.
  • Lion : Which means lion, there is no doubt that many cats of this color resemble small lions.
  • Caramel : Like the original candy color.
  • Flavio : means golden
  • Hazel : It is of Hebrew origin and means walnut and hazelnut
  • Huang : It means yellow in Chinese
  • Kin : Japanese word meaning gold
  • Mango : It’s a really cool and fun name that goes great with the yellow fur.
  • Oriol : Derived from Latin, meaning gold

Cats that have this color of fur are stunning, and they are not uncommon.

If your cat has this color, but you aren’t sure what name to name her Here is the most popular Orange cat names

black male cat names

It is no doubt the fact that cats with black fur are beautiful however, a lot of people think they are a sign of misfortune Black fur is beautiful and shining.

  • Anubis :  Egyptian god of the dead
  • Boris : Ideal for black Persian cats, as they are of Slavic origin and mean “big bear”
  • Dark : It means dark
  • Oreo : Like delicious biscuits, especially the American type
  • Smoking : The tuxedos are black. It’s an original name
  • Shadow : It is the English translation of the word shadow
  • Negri : reduce “black”
  • Chocolate : Sweet as delicious chocolate
  • Nil : In honor of Egypt’s beloved cats, who are said to be black
  • Batman: Like a superhero from Gotham City

There are cultures where black cats are the exact opposite of bad luck.

If you’ve adopted the black cat of your dreams and would like to know the name you should name it there are a few ideas:

Tricks to understand her name

It is our obligation to let you know that cats require between 5-10 days to understand, identify and adjust to their new names.

It is a fact that you’ll have to wait for your cat to respond in a manner that is appropriate in response to your name. provide it.

A few ways to speed it up is to make use of it as often as you can. You should also make it a habit to call it often with the name you prefer.

You can also pamper them with a treat every whenever he visits you and you address him with the new name.

Many families opt to have cats that are beautiful within their homes to be pets, family members and companions.

If this is the scenario, and you’ve made the decision to get male cats and don’t know what to address him, there’s nothing to fret about! Pick from a variety of male cat names the one that you like most.

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