what are you required to know before adopting kittens ?

They can become catsone one of the best and most rewarding moments in our lives.

However, to enjoy being with a cat you should be familiar with its habits and characteristics and, in particular.

Understanding this will let you understand what they require and whether or not you accept the responsibility.

Breeding kittens at home

It is not possible to interpret the the arrival of an animalas an act of whimsy it is important to accept it as a responsibility.

The care you pay to the preparation of their new home and also in their appropriate “education” and care, will be based on their social development and overall health and well-being at home.

It is a popular belief that kittens need the same care as dogs, which is more common for pets.

Be aware cats are adorable and cuddly creatures However, they are also extremely territorial. You’ve heard of her fame as a freelancer. However, in this post, we’ll give you the details that make her qualified for this job.

So, if you’re one of them and choose to acquire kittens, you need to prepare everything in advance to allow it into your home.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your new kitten is comfortable in the new space.

This guide format for you to be able to adjust to the adoption of an animal We think this is the best format which will give you the most clear guidelines.


Additionally its design, it is intriguing to you. Read on and discover these fundamental guidelines for living together

Kittens and weaning

In the first the age of four the kitten is able to be trainedin the normal human interactions.

In reality, we would not recommend adopting an animal (for the sole reason of necessity) that is not introduced to other people (for instance, breeders, or those in charge of a protection organization) within the initial 7 or 8 weeks.

It is equally important to keep kittens close to siblings and mother throughout these weeks.

Too early in the process of weaning (at minimum 4 weeks) could cause issues for cats lateron, as they interact with other animals of their species. It’s also a natural method to guard against the onset of future illnesses.

If, due to any reason the kitten is still a kitten and isn’t able breastfeeding, we need to feed herby providing her with specially-formulated milk to kittens such as abottle or a syringe.

The milk is available in pet shops or vet clinics and they’ll give advice on the quantity that they will give, the method of giving it and at what time according to the requirements of every cat.

Kittens and socialization

It is not possible to delegate all the responsibility of socializing your cat to people who have taken care of your pets previously. It is your responsibility to ensure that you continue this vital task of adaptation.

You’ll need to do this during the first 2 to 3 months your kittens are living with you.

In this manner, by the fourth month, he’ll been accustomed to the fundamental stimulus that I’ve given him.

It’s not just that people will feel the effects as well for all kinds of sensory experiences like olfactory experience aside from car trips and visiting the vet being with other cats satisfying their needs, and the many spaces for play and relaxation where he lives.

Gently touch your kitten

One using excessive physical contact with kittens can be oneof the errors that are made by those who believe, with their hearts that cats should be treated the same manner as dogs.

However, you must be aware that kittens aren’t able to comprehend manipulative behavior from humans like we do. But, if you slowly learn to accept the kittens, they’ll not worry about them in the near future.

Be aware that you must take advantage of the commented socialization stage and take your time.

They are not a fan of being kissed on their stomachs or their hind legs. It is better to cuddle kittens instead of pats that are eluded by children because of inaccuracy. If they feel threatened the cats may become aggressive.

It is best to kiss her back and head in addition, always with love and tenderness.

kitten habits

If, for instance, you’re surprised to discover that your pet doesn’t take pleasure in exploring new places and you believe it’s quite sedentary, then you need not fret too much.

The only thing you should be concerned about is the health issues that obesity could result in that you need to discuss with veterinarians as well as nutritionists that specialize in animal health.

It is crucial to have fun with them to make them feel active, thus enhancing their mental and physical fitness.

It’s just a matter of accepting that certain behaviors you’d expect to be typical of kittens or you.

Do not make him do something he is not interested in as it will cause stress in the cat, which will eventually cause him to give up and creating anxiety in their relationship.

Home preparation for kittens

If you know that your cat’s first trip is just around the corner in your lap, you’re the one to design the first exploration will look like.

Particularly if there are other pets that may be sharing the space. Since cats can be very aggressive, it is recommended to begin conversations with them with each other.

However, it is possible to get them to connect their scents with positive experiences for example, eating or relaxing, in the beginning, you should put an physical barrier between them and allow them to can eat together, yet are visually separated and constantly monitored.

It is essential to have a cat scratcher available (which could be vertical or flat) in order to scratch and climb up her nails.

A sandbox set in a peaceful area in the house and, of course, an outdoor feeder and drinker in a separate space.

Dealing with kittens

As we have told you not to be overly urgent and we also need for patience when you introduce kittens to your home. Your first impression is crucial.

It happens often. Once the animal has entered its new habitat it is surrounded by numerous emotions that it can be overwhelmed. Therefore, be calm as he walks into the house and do not overload him with all the things that can keep him.

If he is in need of an afternoon nap (for instance, after an uneasy and stressful drive) then let him have it taken away for him or let him wander around the house without interruption.

Don’t worry if your kitten won’t eat

Following one of these initiation events, it’s normal for kittens to be anxious and suffer from an inability to eat. Don’t worry, fasting is not a typical routine.

The animal is likely to eat as it requires take a break, and during the time it takes take its food, place the drinking bowl or drinker into an area that is not crowded.

The area where they eat is the safest place inside the house..

What do kittens eat ?

Be aware that cats are activewhen they’re very young and can burn many calories, therefore you need to take in a large amount of them, too. But, on the other hand they require a significant intake of protein.

Vital minerals (such as magnesium, calcium zinc, phosphorous or calcium) are micronutrients which are extremely beneficial in the development of the digestive and respiratory organs as well as the growth of other elements that protect us, like fur and skin.

In the first few days, dry foods will prevail, and then begin to be mixed with wet foods.

The tunes of kitten food

If we are talking about kittens who become irritable at meals, you must be aware the fact that they have small mouth. Therefore, certain foods such as your favorites shouldn’t be too bulky.

There are products specifically designed for kittens during the first months of their lives that provide nutrients, specifically made specifically for kittens. Consult your veterinarian.

It’s worth breaking up your meals into three sessions, but let them on their own and allow them to adjust to the routine in a gradual manner.

Cats are constantly getting food as they develop and become organized their lives, which means that they consume only what they require, and in general, they eat a smaller amountduring feedings.

Little kittens and their nocturnal activity

The most intriguing behaviors, observed by those who’ve never had an animal is her nighttime activity.

It is important to keep in your mind that cats possess inherent instincts that they have within them, for example hunting.

In nature It happens more frequently in the evening So it shouldn’t be unusual you cat decides at the middle of the night it’s the right moment to run around the hallway, play and then get in your vehicle. Bed, even you can meow, or even growl.

It is essential to adhere to this behaviour and never shout at them to prevent them from taking this action.

You can keep toys in the room to play with them in those instances or play with them more in the daytime and let them sleep more in the night.

What happens if we warn you? In general, they’ll be the ones who wake you up prior to the alarm on your mobile phone, in the wake of your early wake-up.

In the end, before we welcome kittens to our home, it is a sign that we will honor their natural nature and that we will take good care of them and give all the things they require.

We’ll be aware of their health and, if in doubt, consult vets, and we will be there with them in good times and bad as they depend on you. Of course, you’ll never leave them.

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