The age of cats in relation to humans

When people ask us about what age catsare in comparison to humans, and we respond with a ‘no’, we often aren’t able to convert this data into an actual cat-human relationship.

We all believe that an average year for humans is equal to 7 years for a cat, however recent studies have changed the equivalence due to the fact that domestic cats have longer lives.

The lifespan of cats is anticipated to increase when the animals receive medical treatment and attention from their owners, as well as a suitable diet

The most fundamental relationship we could use is the following:

Two-year-old cats are equivalent to an adult human of 21 years.

* Beginning at the age of two, each year the size of the cat’s size increases. They have the same amount of energy as four human beings.

A cat who is 5 years old is 33 years old in the human world. To arrive at this number it is necessary to add 21 years to two-year-old cats and then the rest of the 3 years for a cat. This is equal to four people. This is 21 human years, and 12 years of human life (by multiplying the number of years by 4).

Do you know the age of your cat?

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