American curly-eared cat

American cat curled ear. Why does he have curved ears ?

One cat has curly ears that give it a funny and fluffy personality. It is , an American curly-eared cat. What is the secret to his curly ears? This is a rare breed of cat, and we will be discussing it in this post.

A stray cat named Shulamith

Grace Roja and Joe Roja adopted a feral kitten in 1981. It was long-furred and black. They fell in love with her immediately and gave her the name Shulamith. She was a unique personality and loved being with them.

The Shulamith had no drooping ears. Instead, their cartilage was firm and had a graceful, zigzag-like shape to the back. This was of a spontaneous gene mutation.

Years later, the kittens that gave rise to this cat also gave rise to a breed with both long and short hair. It was recognized by CFA in 1990 as a special breed cat. However, it is not recognised as such in Europe.

An American curly-eared cat is born with two natural ears, and as it grows, its ears are arched

The American Curl kittens are born with straight ears like other cats. However, after the second week they start to bend back.

Their skeleton becomes stronger and more rigid over the next 3 to 5 months. It then adopts a “curved” or backwards inclined form that is typically between 90 and 180 degrees of curvature.

The official, “Jane CU”

American curly-ear cats have a variety of curvatures. They can range from mild to severe hunched. The tip of the ear does not touch the head or the ear. This is due to the presence CU gene with a dominant characteristic. American Curl cats are healthy and free from any diseases specific to certain breeds.

Oddities about American Curl

The American curly-ear cat also has an especially hairy tail. It is approximately the same length as the body. Although his hind legs are slightly lower than his body, he is very graceful in how he walks. This cat is strong and resilient and loves to climb up to high places.

American curly-ear cat character

American curly-haired cats are calm and social. He is a companion cat and will be grateful for any gestures of affection.

He hides a lot, and it’s not unusual for him to roll over in play or fun. This is his favorite way to show affection to his people.

You can have short or long hair

Two of those Shulamith kittens had different fur lengths.

It can remind us sometimes of the Munchkin Cat because of its ears. However, the American curly-eared cat has intelligence, elegance, and originality. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the breed of cat. If you find this blog interesting, please subscribe to our blog.

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