Munchkin cat

Munchkin cat, short-legged cat


Munchkin is Munchkinis is a small or medium-sized cat that has short legs but a normal-sized body and tail.

In this way, they are thought of to be cats that never develop however this isn’t the whole truth.

It is thought as the feline’s equivalent that of Dachshund. Their ears are triangular shape, and oblong, with a slightly larger base. They also have a round head. Their large eyes and rounded heads give them a adorable and humorous appearance.

We will also get to better understand the Munchkin cat more thoroughly and all the traits that these cats are known for.

Munchkin’s cat, “dwarf” cat

Due to these unique features, Munchkin cats earned the nickname of dwarf cat or doll.

Beyond her adorable looks She is an animal with a strong determination and a strong personality. She also has a keen interest in all things in her environment.

This strain is a result of an evolutionary mutation that is believed to have occurred in the second half of the century Europe.

At this point, no importance was placed on the preservation of the breed. It was eventually abandoned and was in danger of becoming lost for good.


In Louisiana – USA an individual rescued two breeds of Munchkin catduring 1983. Since then, the breed is recognized and protected by selective crossings with cats from the same breed, but through indirect connections.

Where did the name Munchkin cat come from ?

The name is derived directly from Kay LaFrance, a woman friend who saved 2 cats that were rescued of Munchkin within Louisiana.

She donated one of her offspring to the man, and the breed of cat began to breed until they formed the largest colony on his property.

It’s not too long for cats to be well-known in Louisiana.

Because of their short legs and tiny size, LaFrance discovered a resemblance to the tiny men from Munchkinland (fictional characters in the film The Wizard of OZ released in 1939) and named Munchkin as the breed. Munchkin.

Physical characteristics of Munchkin cats

Munchkin cat breeds are typically tiny in sizeand range from 2 to 4 kg with males slightly heavier than females.

The short legs of the lizard are sloped and their rear legs appear to be one-third shorter than the front legs. The trunk of the animal is of normal size and of moderate size and build.

These beautiful cats are available in a variety of colors as well as uniforms or spotted some with silky and semi-long fur, and others with short fur.

Munchkin cat traits

Munchkin cats are adorable and adorable kittens that make the perfect companion to be a part of your family.

It’s a great family cat that can be housed in a home or an apartment. They’re playful and, despite having short legs, they are able to walk effortlessly, run and jump.

It’s swift and agile. They also love borrowing items or toys that catch their attention, and then conceal them.

They are social catsand get good with children, their owners, and even other cats and other pets in the home.

Actually, they’re very indulged and always search for your attention to pamper them and show them love since they are demanding of their business.

They’re also very curious cats. They are bound to investigate each and every part of the house since they are curious.

Munchkin cat health

This breed of short-legged cat is the subject of massive controversy across the globe due to the fact that certain international cat breed associations are not supportive of breeding of Munchkin cats.

Based on the notion that it’s caused by genetic mutations that resulted in the length of their legs, and the reproduction of this condition to offspring, this is a violation of the realm of morality.


It is proven to be true that Munchkin cat isn’t suffering from any spine or hip problems like short-legged dog breeds like the Dachshund.

They are able to run, walk and jump with no difficulty. It’s a natural and innate trait within them as well.

Munchkin Cats are usually healthy, since they are not afflicted from illnesses that are common to other breed. They typically live between 12 to 15 years.

A few of the conditions you might be suffering from include:

  • Lardosis A condition which causes the spine of a cat to slump because the muscles in the spine being too short.
  • Pectus Excavatum, a condition where the sternum sinks into the inside like a funnel, placing stress on the lung, make breathing difficult.

However, these issues can be affecting any kind that is catand it is true that these conditions, like we said are not common.

Munchkin cat care

When it comes to caring for to take care of a Munchkin cat, be aware that you don’t have to perform any differently than you would in caring for other cat breeds.

It is important to be aware of their diet and feed them the right food for cats based on their nutritional requirements and age This is suggested by the veterinarian.

The coat of your cat should be maintained by brushing it at least two or three times per week using specially designed brushes for fur with long hair. If your cat’s fur is long and is also shorter, brushing it at least every other week is enough.

Clipping nails is an essential one of the things you must provide your cat regularly. Make sure you do this cautiously so that you don’t cause injury to him.

It is important to exercise your cat regularly. You should ensure that your cat is active.

It is possible to do this by purchasing her toys and scratching posts where she can play sports and scratch her nails.

trainer Munchkin Cat

Breeders that offer cute pets for auction are very rare but the price will vary in accordance with the pedigree or certificate that proves the origins of the breed you’re buying.

Additionally there is another reason that contributes to its high cost, and that was mentioned previously. It is the absence of hatcheries.

We recommend that you adopt cats in all the circumstances, however, should you decide to keep a cat at your house, cost of the Munchkin cat ranges from 700 to 1000 euros.

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