Nibelung cat

Nibelung cat Russian long-haired cat?


HTML0/ Nibelung cat is not widely known however its cousin, the Russian Blue may seem more familiar to us. It is a cat that’s origin is located in Russia and when it was first adopted as a breed it was not on its own.

As early as the 20th century, there were records which proved she was doing the same thing, as did the Russian blue cat with long hair however, the breed was lost for a number of years. We will learn about its background.

The origin of the Nibelung cat

In the 90s that it was in Devre, Colorado, that the breeding of an genetically pure cat and Russian Russian catresulted produced two cats with fur that was long.

They were named Siegfried as well as Brunhilde. The breeder has maintained her hair in a long, blue through the generations, increasing the characteristic, and paving the way for a breed that is called”the Nebelung cat.

Nibelung cat or “fog” cat

The name’s origins Nebelung could be in the word play “Nebel” which in German refers to “fog” and the epic poem that was written in the year 1200 which was written and titled High German “Nibelungenliedlo”. The Nibelung cat is characterized by long, dark blue coat that has silvery tips an attribute that is nearly exclusive to this type of cat.

Nibelung cat, strong cat

The Nibelung cat, or the Nibelung cat has ears that are broad with a stylized body. It is a elegant and muscular cat. The tail is long and it has small, round legs in relation to the body. The color of its eyes could differ from yellow to green.

Nibelung cat character

We’re in front of one of the cats that has a bisexual streak and it is a good sense since everything that’s calm but also playful and lively, likes to be a nuisance to his friends If given the chance.

Cats with an eye for detail and won’t make you feel uneasy, as they are thought to have an exceptional sensitivity and the ability to connect with their owners, much more than other felines.

He is a lover of climbing to the top, play with balls and more importantly, hide.

Care and long life of the Nibelung cat

It is an animal that has a life expectancy which is easily 15 years old. There is no disease known to be a part that affects the breed.

To protect his fur Regular brushing using a comb is suggested each day, at least every two days, as an example during periods of hair loss.

It’s a wild cat with food , and a good nose to detect. In all instances it is advised to feed them food with strong biological strength. Avoid any food that have a low nutritional value. This way we can avoid the gastrointestinal ailments in cats.

It is equally important when a cat likely to share a home in a home with cats to keep the cat’s vaccinations current and, above all, to consider the fact that one of their weaknesses is their mouths.

So, take care to not build tartar on your teeth. Also, prevent oral ailments such as feline gingivitis.

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