Savannah cat

The Savannah cat, the tallest cat in the world


CSS0_ Savannah catis an exquisite breed of cat. It has a cat-like personality and wild appearance.

The cats have been the focus of attention recently because of their stunning and wild appearance.

This is the reason why in this piece we’ll inform you about Savannah cats, their history, Savannah cats and its history and characteristics, as well as health information and treatment.

The origin of the Savannah cat

CSS0_ Savannah cat breed first appeared in 1986 as the result of the cross with the African serval and domestic cat however, only in 2012 was it official recognized as a breed by TICA (International Cat Society).

The domestic cats that were used to overtake were short-haired breeds. The motivation behind breeders to breed this breed was to create an domestic cat that had the appearance of a sophisticated leopard cat to live in the house.

The new breed of cat was well-loved and generated a lot of curiosity, which is the reason breeders began crossing breeds with different domestic cat breeds.

Savannah cat Savannah cat, also known as the Savannah cat, is the name used to describe the first offspring from the Savannah cat due to the fact that the African Savannah serval is found in the savannah region of sub-Saharan Africa . This is the reason, the breed was named Savannah. Savannah.

Characteristics of the savannah cat

Savannah Cat Savannah cat is unique in its physical traits that allow it to appear like an Tiger.

It’s a big cat with a slim and sleek body. It has long legs as well as an oval head with big, pointed ears.

They can weigh between 10 and 12 kilograms, and can live for 12 – 20 years.

Savannah cats are large and expressive eyes, which are with black tears and even though the most popular and most popular color of fur is brown spotted but they also come in different colors, such as:

savanna cat colors

  • Nmry
  • Marble Stain is a combination of staples giving a marble-like spiral. It could be silver or brown.
  • Smoky Black The color of the tiger is black. The spots are darker, creating the appearance of a smokey visual.

There are “savannah cats” with very bizarre and unique coloration.

Cats who have different coats aren’t considered to be savannahs by international cat associations because they are are normal cat breeds and not with wild characteristics that are inherited by the Serval. These colors include:

  • cinnamon
  • Blue (dark silver grey)
  • Beige color
  • Snow: white, with beige spots.

savanna cat character

Savannah cats possess a unique personality. Because of their ability and independence that wild cat breeds, they have the love and affection to domestic animals.

They are playful, fun and highly intelligent cats. They learn fast and are very curious since they love exploring every space.

They are cats that have moderate and high levels of activity. They like to run, play and leap.

They can leap up to 2 meters due to their long flexible legs as well as their athletic build.

With the Savannah cat in your house it is possible to have fun anywhere.

Because he’s unlike other cats, he enjoys water.

As domestic cats her character is also based on the degree of kinship in her African Serval. Savannah cats are classified as F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5.

In the wild, F1 cats come from the litter of one of the first crosses between the Serval and domestic cat. F2 kittens are born to Savannah cats that have been mated to domestic cats.

It will continue this way until F5 is born, which is cats that have an extended family tree, where it is believed that the African Serval has been 5 generations.

This is the reason why Savannah F1 cats will have an untamed character and will also be larger.

However, Savannah F5 cats will be more affectionate and are smaller in stature, as they are the furthest away from African Serval.

Savannah cat health

Although they are a huge robust, sturdy, and healthy cat, because of their hybrid status cat, Savannah cats can suffer from various health issues in comparison to normal cats. For instance:

  • They could have a lower liver. Because of this, caution should be taken when administering any medicine.
  • The first generation may be males, and sterile.
  • Cats who are pregnant are at risk of having a premature birth due to the gestation period for felines is between 60 and 70 days, and the gestation time extends to 75 days.
  • It has been discovered by different species of savanna cat that they might be resistant to anaesthesia. This is why it is suggested to select a particular kind of injectable anesthesia to exotic or hybrid cats.

They typically do not have any other genetic disorders. Like the majority of breeders who are responsible for this breed it is of most crucial importance that genetic testing is performed prior to any Savannah cat matings are conducted.

Savannah cat care

Savannah cats get the same treatment as shorthair cat . They Take care of their hygiene, regularly going at the veterinarian, regular vaccinations as well as brushing their fur once per week, eating having a balanced and healthy diet and regular exercise.

They receive special attention because they are hybrids, such as:

It is crucial that you inform your veterinarian of the fact about the possibility of acquiring hybrid cats, as the dosage of medications is to be controlled, since Savannah cats possess smaller kidneys.
They must consume an nutrient-rich diet. It is best to have dry and wet foods. Also, ensure that the cat’s diet is good quality and avoid food that are made up of grains.
Due to their huge size, it’s important that they have the largest space possible so they feel at ease and move about easily.

In these areas and, above all, lots of love, you’ll be able to invite the Savannah cat to your home.

Tell us after reading this article, if you have noticed that the sight of cats in your home has caught your attention and we hope you share this information via social media If it is something that interests you.

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