Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat, information about its origin and characteristics

The Himalayan cathas an appearance that is similar to the Persian cat as well as that of the Siamese cat, but it is the result of a of a cross between the two types of breeds.

She was a descendant of the Persian her body and long fur, as well as her face, and gorgeous blue eyes with a round shape which are typical of Persians.

The Siamese On the other hand, have Blue Pointed Pattern which is comprised of dark colored faces, legs, and the tail.

This beautiful cat is an intriguing personality and differs from its parents. Read the article to learn details about Himalayan cat, including its origins as well as its distinct physical characteristics, personality and its health conditions and the kind of care it requires. Where do we start?

The origin of the Himalayan cat

The source of this stunning species is Sweden It is therefore not surprising that there are some misconceptions about its source being in the Himalayas due to its name.

The origins of the Himalayan cat has nothing to do with have anything to do with it being part of the Asian mountains. The name was given because of its resemblance with its cousin, the Himalayan rabbit.

The result was a study designed to understand the way in which the gene that creates the characteristic color points was passed on in 1931.

It was the time an animal breeder named Virginia Cope and a Harvard researcher named Clyde Keeler teamed up to breed two Siameseand Persian cat.

Through the process using selective breeding was the cause of an early cat known as Himalayan.

Himalayan cat or a kind of Shirazi ?

The breed started to catch the interest from American breeders as well as British breeders around the time of the 1950’s. They were interested in keeping breeding to be recognized.

But, even though the breed is officially acknowledged by”the ” Himalayan Cat” by a few cat clubs Others have classified it as a variant of the Persian cat’s colors.

For many cat lovers, whether or not the Himalayan kittens are an officially recognized breed is not a big deal because it is now one of the top choices of many cat lovers and is now extremely popular, particularly within North America.

Physical characteristics of the Himalayan cat

Himalayan felines, like described previously, have the physical traits similar to Persian cats. They are also characterized by Siamese cats’ colors. They are medium-sized and weigh between up to 3 kilograms.

With a big round head, somewhat flattened faces with large, round, blue eyes, tiny and round ears with rounded ends, a muscular body, slightly shorter but strong legs and a medium-sized tail.

Its fur is longand smooth and silky. Its main characteristic is the pointed pattern which is inherited from Siamese cat. Its legs, face, ears and tails are black, while it’s beige or cream.

There are however differences in the color of this breed, since it is crossbred with other colors, such as chocolate, brown reddish, cream blue and many more.

One of the most important features that distinguish the Himalayan cat, aside from its long fur and pointed design is the gorgeous blue hue of the eyes. If the eyes are that are a different hue, it is classified as a slight deviation to the initial Shirazi (white).

Himalayan cat character

Himalayan cats are beautiful gentle and peaceful cats. They enjoy lying on the laps of their owners. They’re content when they are in this position and receive a massage on their soft and long fur.

The differences between the Persian cat and the Himalayan cat

cat cat Himalayan Colourpointhas the traits of the face and body of the face and body of a Persian cat It is also more peaceful than these, however, it also has other characteristics from the Siamese cat, from which it draws its vitality and energy.

Hisalayan felines are serious and cautious of people they don’t meet.

They are calm and docile cats, which means they easily get along with young children. They are able to play like they were another family member.

If you’re looking to get an Himalayan cat in your home, it is important to know that it’s important to keep them in an environment that is quiet, since they are not a fan of loud or noisy surroundings.

Because of this, they need to keep their minds at ease and stay away from stress of any kind. Also, you should be aware that they aren’t unrestful cats, which means there will be no issues with furniture or curtains within the home.

In reality, they are peaceful cats with very little activity however, you can be able to see them from time spend time playing with their toys.

Himalayan cat health

Cats can be affected by different kinds of catsfrom diverse diseases, which are because of diseases that affect particular breeds or issues. Pedigree cats too suffer more than normal cats.

However this Himalayan cat, as well as that of the Persian cat is also prone to certain health issues because of its flat face form, which includes:

  • Dental abnormalities.
  • Snoring or breathing difficulties.
  • The retina is deteriorating
  • Hypersensitivity to Feline (irritable cat syndrome)
  • Kidney disease
  • The chance of developing the ringworm (fungus) is a consequence of its fur’s length

Himalayan cat breeding

Himalayan cats, as well as other cats with long haired breeds need to take extra attention to this.

It is essential to ensure that hair is washed often.

It is not just dependent on her hair being not getting caught up as well as stopping hairballs from getting into your digestive system.

This is why it must be brushed at least three times per week and washed at least once per month. To prevent the growth of hair that is dead and dust.

As with all cats of any breed, it is recommended to bring them to the vet to be able to spot potential ailments early. If they already have them make sure you have the proper management and cure.

Himalayan cats typically produce a lot of tears which accumulate within the hair’s lacrimal region. This is why it must be meticulously cleaned with a damp cloth.

But, keep in mind that the primary treatment you can offer to your pet is lots of affection and affection. You can also pamper him with love and care.

We’re sure you’ve learned much about the Himalayan cat. If you find this interesting then you are able to make it available on your social media networks. Do you own an animal with this breed? Let us know about your experience.

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