Turkish Angora cat

Turkish Angora cat heiress with long hair

A Turkish Angorais a particularly loved with a very social. Its personality is defined by being playful, affectionate and smart the cat has been popular throughout the years for its elegance and beauty.

We might be dealing by the oldest cat breed known to mankind(10th century) with an intriguing travel to Persia and the Caucasus. Let’s learn more about what they keep hidden. Origin and mythology, adjectives, features pictures, care and other things. Learn more about him.

The origin and legend of the Turkish Angora cat

It is also known by the name of Turkish Angora cat because it is a cat that originates from central Turkey within its Ankara Region. In the region, they are known as the Ankara Kedi because they are considered to be a symbolic symbol for purity.

It is probable that the Turkish Angora cat is a distant kinship to an earlier breed of cats found in the Caucasus. They could have long hair to improve their chances of survival because of the colder temperatures that prevail in their region where they came from.

They could have entered Turkey around the 9th century via trade routes in the region between Turkey as well as Iran and Persia and then interbred with domestic cats, resulting in each of Shirazi and the Turkish Angora and the Shirazi.

Certain theories suggest that their introduction to the Nordic nations dates back to the Vikings around the 10th century. It could be the cause for the appearance of other races , such as that of the Norwegian Forest Cat.

It is also believed it is believed it is also believed that Maine Coonmay have originated through mating with the Turkish Angora cat from the East as well as cats who resided in Maine.

In the past, uncontrolled breeding in the 20th century have harmed their lineage, however it is believed that due to a special breeding program specifically designed for this breed, the Turkish Angora cat, at the Ankara Zoo, has allowed the breed to come back.

Traits of the Turkish Angora cat

Turkish Angora cats not only are beautiful in appearance, but they also possess a beautiful personality. From being playful and affectionate to astonish their masters with their ability to climb the highest point of the list They are extremely intelligent and athletic. They are quiet cats, but quick to react.

Furthermore the breed’s physical characteristics that allow it to be elegant and beautiful behavior like its size. This is because it typically small in sizeand weighs between 3 and 5 kilograms.

They sport a stylish physique with an elongated and sleek body. They have long legs, an elongated tail that is somewhat longer in comparison to the body size and hair that is very long at the top

They have a tiny head with a triangular form and pointed, large ears.

The first long-haired cat breed ?

While it is true that the Persian cat is the very first breed with a long coat to be introduced into the West The Turkish Angora cat has more reason to be called the first cat with a long hair.

The colors that Turkish Angoras provide, vary from the typical western colors, to the tortoiseshell, or uniform shades, smoked silver, through mackerel and taupe.

The characteristic long-haired cat may have come from an alteration of domestic cats likely in an isolated population located in Central Asia. It is believed to be among the first cats with long hair to be discovered.

It is believed that it may originate from an attempt to domesticate this Pallas cats by Tatars who brought it to Turkey and where they were capable of mating with the short-haired cats of the beginning.

Turkish Angora cat character

Turkish Angora cats are usually dependent on their owners. They form a strong bond with their owners, and commit their lives to the families they share with.

In all cases, even for Angora cats, it’s crucial to pay attention. If you fail to pay attention to them you could be able to spend hours on your shoulders and legs or lying on top you.

Turkish Angora cat health

We’re facing an extremely strong cat, and is, by the way, very long-lived with a lifespan that easily exceeds 15 years old.

As with all felines have, they are susceptible to all the usual ailments for any cat, but it is true that due to the nature of their fur coat, they are more susceptible to hairball accumulation within their digestive tracts that can cause diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive disorders. .

A white Turkish Angora cat (which is the most commonly seen) may become deaf in a tiny percentage of cats, particularly those with heterochromia (a distinct hue) or blue eyes.

Breeding a Turkish Angora cat

Cleaning every dayis essential for eyes or ears, nails, and teeth. If it’s not done regularly the procedure should be performed every week, at a minimum.

The eye’s corners must be thoroughly cleaned using the help of a moist cloth and there should be a separate side of the tissue for each eye to ensure that there is no chance to spread the disease from one to another.

It is also essential to ensure that the litter box is tidy. They’re very difficult to keep clean and if they isn’t kept clean, they could go outside to inform you.

One of the interesting things about the angora cat is that they have only the one hair coat. The hair’s inner layer is barely there. This helps prevent knots and tangles and makes taking care of her hair easy.

If you are able to use an oversized tooth comb that is long-haired to get rid of hair that is not needed often throughout the week It is best to keep the silky appearance of your coat. You should also avoid the common triple bezoars.

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