Shirazi Qat

This Persian cat is a beautiful example of elegance and natural excellence.

Persian cats possess a unique effect. They can be arrogant or characteristic. But they won’t leave us unindifferent. We break down their characteristics below so you can stay and get to know them.

This Persian cat is affectionate, cocky and full of aristocratic influence. Sometimes lazy, but always very calm, it is one of the most loved and admired domestic cats. Here are 10 fascinating facts about Shirazi cats.

Persian cat care

A Persian cat is a medium-sized cat. However, some Persian cats can weigh as much as 7 kilograms . They require a lot of attention and are not a breed that likes to be left alone.

You can monitor her weight and brush regularly because of the high hair density. This will help to prevent hairballs and other problems.

Persian cat origin


Pietro della Valle, an adventurer and traveler from Asia Minor (ancient Persia), introduced the Shirazi cat to Italy. He also brought it from Turkey to France by Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peresque in the early 17th Century.

The cat breed we know was created in late nineteenth century England by crossbreeding with the Turkish.

He arrived from France and quickly made his way to Great Britain. There, he was a popular cat thanks to the many exhibitions of different breeds. Others long-haired Persian cats were also brought to Europe from China, Burma, and Afghanistan.

Character: aristocratic persian cat

Victoria, Queen of England (1837-1899), was one of her greatest admirers. They are currently the cats who live in many homes all over the globe and hold the top positions in the cat pedigree.

Persian cat, sociable and affectionate


The Persian cat is one of the most affectionate and cocky cat breeds. They often require a lot of attention. He is a gentle and loving cat. They are social with children and love to be around others.

Buy or adopt a Persian cat

They are difficult to adopt as they come mostly from breeders who specialize in caring for these cats. No matter if it is a purebred kitten, we will always be available for adoption.

You should remember that the cost of a Persian kitten can vary from 600 to 900 euros.

To avoid health problems in the future, make sure you only breed through registered breeding centers.

Persian cat Chinchilla and Peke Face

Shirazi Chinchilla – This Persian cat variety is sometimes unidentified. It has large, green eyes and a black mark at the edges.

We are curious about the Shirazi Chinchilla’s personality. She is active and loves to run and hunt, but she doesn’t like too many cuddles and hugs.

Persian peke face: A modern Persian cat, the peke-face is called. It has a unique physical appearance, particularly in the eyes, which are the result of a natural mutation that took place in the 1930’s.

Peke face cats have a very flat nose, a narrower nose and a face that is more flat than the rest. This can lead to persistent tearing issues or respiratory illness.

Beware of obesity in the Persian cat


Persian cats are especially at risk from obesity. They can gain weight after spaying,both for males and females.

They can also be very sensitive and need constant brushing to avoid annoying hairballs and knot problems. Sometimes, a shower may be recommended

Sometimes obesity can be a problem and cause other health problems in Persian cats, such as kidney disease (polycystic renal disease) or cyst formation. This can eventually lead to kidney failure.

She should visit the vet as soon as she feels unwell.

Shirazi loves to be pampered

The owners must confirm that Persian catslove compliments and respond more affectionally to them when they listen (this must be confirmed!). Could it be his aristocratic heritage? They know they are majestic

Persian cats

There are many breeds that can be traced back the Persian convergence. These include the Himalayas and the shorthaired exotic. All of them inherit the calm, friendly Persian character which makes them great companions in the home.

definitely. Shirazi cats are a personality-driven cat. However, they also have a lot of affection for their owners.

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