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"Love Home Swap"

"Home Exchange"

"Aussie House Swap"

"Trusted House Sitters"

Swap, Rent, or Sit any of these!
City Homes
Hospitality at your place
Fishing Shacks
Caravans/Mobile Homes
Yachts (Sail or Power)
Hotel/Motel/Resort Units
Beach Houses
Rural Homes
Farm Stays
Mountain Lodges/Chalets
Van Parks/Camp Grounds
Canal Boats/Houseboats

Most Recent Listings:

Country: Australia
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Listing Code:101144
Country: Australia
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Listing Code:101140
Country: Australia
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Listing Code:101133
Country: Australia
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Listing Code:101132
Country: South Africa
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Listing Code:101131

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It's So Simple:

Swap time in your Holiday Apartment for a Farm Stay. You don't have to swap at exactly the same time!
Look for private rentals where there are no swaps.
Have a sitter or be a sitter.
Get some value from your Motorhome or Caravan when you are not using them. Swap for time in a B&B.
If your Yacht is with a charter fleet, try a Boat Exchange to another cruising ground!
Anyone can: View all the listed accommodation
Members can: Submit pictures, text, &/or video of their property
Members can: View the latest listings, save to Favourites, contact other owners or agents, and build a Tour Planner.

This site has been certified So Simple by the most internet illiterate people we know!!